Swim Start - Suck Creek Boat Launch (right side of river).  At start swimmers immediately cross to the left side of the river, meet their pilot at an assigned buoy, and keep red channel markers to their right.

Swim Finish - Tennessee River Gardens (left side of the river) at 10.36 miles.  

NOTE:  There is a road that traces the swim course on the right side of the river (Suck Creek Road and then Mullins Cove Road), which is great for viewing, HOWEVER, there is a NOT a bridge that crosses the river from down in the Gorge on Mullins Cove Road to the swim finish. 

TN River Gardens is a 15 mile ~30-40 minute drive from the Suck Creek Boat Launch.    Swimmers and Pilots will park at the Swim Finish at TN River Gardens in the morning and be shuttled by school busses to the Swim Start at the Suck Creek Boat Launch.





Swim Start

Suck Creek Boat Launch

River Mile:   453.3
GPS Coord: 35 06'34.69”N 85 21'56.12”W
Location:     U.S. 27 South/Suck Creek Road
Access:      Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency public power boat launch. Free overnight parking.

Address:   Suck Creek Boat Launch

1907 Suck Creek Rd

Chattanooga, TN 37401



Swim Finish

TN River Gardens Private Property

River Mile: 443.55
The official finish is in the river at the buoy at TN River Gardens.   Swimmers and kayakers exit the river at the swim finish on the little beach shown below.

TN River Gardens Swim Finish

TN River Gardens Swim Finish

The finish is NEAR this address but not AT this actual address.  You can use this address as your reference point:

TN River Gardens 22573 US-41, Chattanooga, TN 37419

Directions to the actual parking and swim finish:

1. Exit Highway 24 at the Lookout Mountain Exit #174.

2. Turn Right onto Cummings Highway 41.    Around 2 miles look for a sign on the right that says TVA Raccoon Mountain. (Look for Triangle type median).  

3.  Turn right on Raccoon Mountain Road.   Some GPS systems call this McNabb Road, however, this road does NOT have an actual road sign. Look for a Swim the Suck Sign.  About 100 yards or so down this road there is a sign on the right side that says "TVA Raccoon Mountain" and there is a large metal turbine by the sign.  Drive about 1 mile down this road.

4.  Look for Swim The Suck sign and Turn LEFT to enter TN River Gardens Preserve (Swim Finish).  This turn is almost 120 degrees - This road also does not have a road sign or a name in GPS systems.  Drive down this hill for 0.6 miles and you will see the TN River and parking in the field on the left.  If it has been raining we cannot park in the field and will need to park alongside the hill on the right side of the road.