Swimmers registration is closed. Pilots register here.  

Swimmers and Pilots - Click here to register at ITS YOUR RACE.

Swimmers and Pilots - Click here to register at ITS YOUR RACE.

What you need to know for the 2019 Swim the Suck Registration

1.      Have your USMS Number ready.  This is a USMS sanctioned event.  

USMS Sanction Number: TBD

  • If you do not have a USMS membership then you can purchases a 1 day pass for $25 + Processing fee.  

  • You can obtain a membership to USMS for $43.00 + Local Masters Swimming Club fee ($3.00 to $21.00) at http://www.usms.org/reg/. Benefits of membership are listed on the USMS website.

 2.  Pilot/kayaks

  • This year we are renting the event kayaks from Rock Creek, and there are a limited number of boats available (40ish), therefore we are going to have to charge for those needing kayaks. 

  • This number should suit our needs since about 60-70% of our swimmers provide their own kayak and pilot (bringing your own saves you money).

3.  If Bringing your own Pilot (cheaper option).  If you have a pilot willing to kayak/sup for you please have the following information.  

  • First and Last Name.  If you do not know who is piloting for you yet put TBD

  • Their Email Address,  If you do not know it yet put TBD

  • Know if you or your pilot have a kayak/sup/canoe including PFD and Paddle that they will be using/providing.  If you do not have one,  there is a $65 fee (plus processing fee) for an event kayak and associated equipment.

4.  If you need a Volunteer Pilot

If you will need a volunteer pilot there is an $85.00 fee (plus processing fee) which includes both the pilot and boat/kayak

5.      What is your creature?   This will be a question and be used on your swimming profile, just for fun.

6.      Be prepared to list your athletic achievements.  You can have them already typed up and copy and paste them into the field.  These will be included as part of your swimmer profile. Please do not use any commas in your answer because we use comma delineated files.

7.      You will have 20 minutes to complete the registration process.   The purpose of this is to reserve your spot. Please email karahnazor@gmail.com with questions or if you were online at noon and experienced difficulty with the process and I will help you that evening.

8.  Cost.  Base registration fee for 2018 is $375.00 (plus the processing fee) which totals to $399.00.  Additional items such as a pilot and extra meals, shirts, will increase the cost.  



SWIMMER FEE = $375 Subject to change depending on your kayak and pilot needs

PILOTS = REGISTRATION IS FREE.  The swimmer's registration fee covers everything for you (2 full meals, a t-shirt, an original art award and beer at the end).   If you wish to purchase additional meals or shirts, you can.

If you need it, we can recruit a volunteer kayak pilot from Chattanooga who will escort you and feed you during 10 miles for a FEE TBD.

  • If you have your own pilot, but don't have a kayak, we can provide the kayak and gear for a FEE TBD.

  • 2 full meals for each swimmer and their pilot (Friday night pasta dinner and Taco Bar)

  • Shuttles

  • Original Art Award from local artist for every swimmer and their pilot

  • Swim the Suck T-shirt for swimmer and their pilot

  • Swim the Suck fluorescent swim cap for swimmers

  • Coffee and snacks at finish line for swimmer and pilot

  • Chattanooga Brewing Company beer at the post-swim party for swimmer and pilot

  • Goody Bag from local sponsors for swimmer and pilot

  • Insurance

  • Permits

  • Motor boats and volunteers and lifeguards patrolling course

  • US Masters Swimming Sanctioning and Part of the Global Swim Series.



  • Swimmers, if you are bringing your own pilot, THEY MUST ALSO REGISTER ONLINE in order keep track of equipment needs and how many kayaks I need to find.  I will start making sure they have registered in August.  Please have your pilot register (free) using link above.

    • Swimmers - Even though you entered the pilot data and equipment needs on your registration, I need your pilot to register as well.  This information often changes from Feb through October and is the most important information for me to have to ensure everyone gets to swim.  Without a pilot, you can’t swim.  Without a kayak, you can’t swim.  I need to know what you have and what they have and need and to be alerted if there are any updates.

  • Can I have more than 1 pilot?  You can have more than one kayaker out on the water with you, but only one of them is allowed to borrow equipment.  If you do have more than one person who would like to pilot for you, please let me know.  

  • If you requested a volunteer pilot, I will pair swimmers with their pilots towards the end September or beginning of October, and you will be introduced to your pilot then via email.     

  • Do you have extra potential pilots coming with you?  Do you have another friend or family member who could volunteer to pilot for another swimmer?  Have them register!  This has happened in the past and is great!

  • Can the Event borrow your kayak?  Do you have access to a kayak the event can borrow?  Please let me know.  This was part of the registration but may change throughout the year.  Please let me know.  

  • Facebook.  To keep up with recent news and developments about the event, please, right this very second, go ahead and like the Swim the Suck facebook page here:  http://www.facebook.com/SwimTheSuck

  • ITS YOUR RACE APP Though our registration service we have a mobile app!!

    • Download the Its Your Race app

    • App links: iPhone or Android.  Once downloaded open and search for Swim the Suck.  Inside the app we have information on locations, directions, schedule, news, and results.  News will also be posted to the Facebook page.  The app is not restricted to just participants so your family and friends can use the app as well. App links: iPhone or Android

  • There is no waiting list this year.   

  • Cancellation Policy: At the discretion of the race director, 50% refunds can be issued before August 1.

  • Questions or changes: If you have any question about the event, please email me, the Race Director, Karah Nazor: karahnazor@gmail.com


Swimmers - What you need to know to be ready for a quick registration:


  • Name

  • Address

  • DOB

  • Emergency Contact

  • Medical info you feel you need to share with the race directors.

  • Estimated swim finish time for 10 miles if there was no current assist at all,


    • Whether or not you will bringing your own person to kayak for you and if you are, their name and email address.

      • It is very much appreciated if you have a family member or friend who can kayak for you. It is also really helpful if you have another family member or friend who is coming that would like to volunteer to pilot another swimmer!

    • You will need to fill out if your pilot will be bringing his/her own kayak, paddle or PFD or will need to borrow one.

      • It is also VERY much appreciated if you have access to a kayak and it is feasible for you to bring it, that you do.

      • We search hard for volunteers and the kayaks. It always works out in the end but it helps if you can bring your own kayak or borrow one from a friend.

    • We realize that you may not think you have a pilot now and that you might find a pilot later. This is great news! We are able to change your pilot and boat needs later.

  • Copy and paste 4-6 swimming or other athletic achievements into one field.  Please include the name of the event, distance and date.  It will help you if you have written it ahead of time.

  • This year we are sanctioning the event with US Masters Swimming.  You must either be a current (2017) member and have your USMS numbers ready, if you are not a USMS swimmer, you can select to purchase the 1-Event Registration for $20.00.  You will not need to go to their websites and fill out any additional forms, you will just click that you need to purchase the pass and will sign the form at Packet Pick Up.

  • Those under 18 can register and participate.

  • You will need your credit card to pay.