Triple Crown of the Tennessee

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Earn your medal as a Gold, Silver or Bronze member and your prize after completing 21 miles of open water swim races in the Tennessee River within a 3 year time frame. To earn a TCT title you must complete all Swim Hobbs Island, Bridges to Bluffs, and Swim the Suck within the following time frames: See the photo slide show that follows for the details.

Gold: Must complete all three swims in the same calendar year. Prize: A gold embroidered towel and a gold patch

Silver: Must complete all three swims within a two year span. Prize: A silver embroidered towel (in 2019 only) and a silver patch

Bronze: Must complete all three swims within a three year span.  Prize: A bronze embroidered towel (in 2019 only) and a bronze patch

In November of each year, the Race Directors will cross check the finisher names from all three races to see who earned what medal. Your prize will be mailed to you and your name published on our websites. Towels will only be offered to silver and bronze medalists during our promotional year (2019) and after that, only gold medalists will receive a towel.

List of Recipients (to be updated in November of 2019):